250w-350w Motor

More Power for your days

Forget about sweating and get where you want Faster.

Li-ion Batery

Integrated System

The lights, GPS, alarm and all features are connected to a high-capacity battery. The systems are charged directly from the battery, and you’re always good to go.

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Easy charge

Magnetically Magical

Easily connect the battery with the magnetic charging system.

25 Mph

Top Speed

We are compliant with the current regulations and setting the max speed at 25 mph in USA and 25 kph in Europe

50 Miles

Average Range

Riding autonomy to get you everywhere you need

2 Hours

Full Recharge

Have a break and get back in action faster

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100% Refund

If you cancel your reservation, we guarantee you a full refund at any time before the proyect moves into production.

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We will be transparent about the progress of our project throughout the entire campaign.

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All orders are processed through our secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy.